Once there was no life, then there was life.

Where life came from nobody knows.

Key Highlights

  1. From Redi and Pasteur, it is concluded that life cannot come from nonliving things.
  2. Spontaneous generation is an invalid theory of the origin of life.
  3. Abiogenesis (life from nonliving matter) is prebiotic and pre-evolutionary.
  4. It will be shown that the known laws of physics, chemistry, and biology do not explain the origin of life.
  5. "Science doesn't say anything; scientist's do."

Amino Acid

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What Was the Origin of the First Life on Earth?

That question has been around for hundreds of years.

Origin of life is the hardest question in science. No one knows how the first cell came about. But there's a simpler, more fundamental question: Where did the information come from? An answer will trigger a quantum leap in Artificial Intelligence. This may be ...


  1. Life defined
  2. What is evolution?
  3. What is abiogenesis?
  4. Four compounds required for a cell
  5. Has abiogenesis been demonstrated?​​
  6. Problems with abiogenesis
  7. If No Abiogenesis, Then What?​
  8. Summary


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